Excellence is the philosophy of SEMPER PRIMUS. We are a service-oriented company whose purpose is to be a valuable asset to our clients companies. SEMPER PRIMUS works closely with growth-oriented companies that share our values and commitment to excellence.

Our operating strategy is simple. We provide proven expertise in the areas of Executive Recruitment, Personnel Staffing, and Human Resources Solutions. We then work to establish a dynamic relationship with our clients to completely understand what needs to be accomplished to achieve excellent results. It is critical that the client take an active role in the recruiting process. We then go out and deliver a creative solution in a timely manner that will meet our objectives.

Finding candidates that can both satisfy our client's needs, fit well into their corporate culture, and have additional potential for growth is one focal point of our recruiting process. Developing a special trust and confidence between SEMPER PRIMUS and our clients enables the rest of the process to meet with even greater results.

SEMPER PRIMUS feels that excellence is also a result of hard work and a thorough understanding of our client companies and their competitors. We visit our clients to evaluate their business, corporate personality and their processes. We want to know not only the hard skills they want in candidates but also the intangible traits they feel are needed to meet with greater success.

In closing, let me say that it is the goal of SEMPER PRIMUS to be all things to our clients, not some things to a lot of companies. I am convinced that we do things right and convinced that we will be a valuable asset to your company. We would welcome the opportunity to get to know your company and to have a part in your continued growth and success.

With regards,
Brian D. Smith