It would be easy to just say that SEMPER PRIMUS always provides the highest quality of service to all it’s clients in the Plastics and Packaging Industry but let me start out by talking about how we evolved as a company to become a preferred recruiting vendor to most of the companies we have the privilege to work with.   In doing so, I believe you will gain some insight as to why we have an advantage over other companies striving to provide the same sort of service.

SEMPER PRIMUS is presently enjoying its 13th year of quality service to the Packaging Industry.  In the beginning we were in no way “experts” in the Industry.  We had to rely on the same core values we still rely on today, hard work, honesty, and a strong commitment to mission accomplishment.  We offered our clients the only thing that we had in the beginning.  We promised that we would work hard for them, be honest throughout the process and work till they we’re satisfied.  That alone seemed to be a welcome difference from what so many told us they were use to getting.  We visited a lot of Corporate Headquarters and even many more of the manufacturing plants and continue to do so today. We found it and continue to find it odd that recruiters don’t met their clients and thus can’t truly understand the culture in not only the company but the sub cultures in many of the plants around North America.

In getting to know and understand the cultures and sub cultures we have been able to have great success in not only filling positions but in doing so with candidates that have continued to progress in the organization. Our overall retention rate (candidates placed with clients that are still working for them) over the past 8 years is presently at 87% nation wide and in the 90’s with the majority of our clients.  Nation wide 22% of candidates recruited by SEMPER PRIMUS have been promoted to positions of greater responsibility then they were recruited for.

Over the twelve years of service we have become very knowledgeable regarding the processes our clients use to manufacture goods.  In addition much of our staff has been made up of people that have spent years working in the industries we service.  That gives us not only an edge technically but has helped forge many strong relationships.

It must be pointed out that we strongly believe that our success is not solely based on our ability to identify and evaluate talent, it is in large measure due to the fact that our clients have teamed with us to establish a strong working relations based on mutual trust and respect.  Trust and respect that has been earned by both sides.  We have a common goal and are willing to remove the obstacles to make the recruiting process more effective.

I believe that we have much success because we focus on things others might not.  I believe most recruiter’s focus on skill sets needed to perform the job and second on what everyone refers to as “the fit”.  Job skills needed for a position is the easy part, we just don’t submit candidates that don’t meet the basic qualification.  We as a company tend to focus not only on “the fit” but also on the intangible qualities of the candidates.    The other thing I feel we do that differs from other recruiters is that most recruiters tend to try and qualify candidates because they want to believe they are a good fit.  We try to disqualify candidates and if we can’t we know they are good candidates.

Perhaps the greatest advantage we now have twelve years later is our reputation.  Strong candidates are smart candidates and we have recruited many that are very selective with regard to whom they trust and are willing to work with in their career searches.  They can tell right away if you know or don’t know their industry and if you know or don’t know your clients well.  When they have confidence in you they will respect your opinions on who’s a good

Company or why if they join your client they can be in a position to make a difference, enjoy the environment, or contribute to a strong and growing organization.

This again takes us back to the importance of a strong relationship.  In the end I could have put two words down, Values and Relationships.

With regards,
Brian D. Smith